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We incorporate TCM methodologies using acupuncture and tui na massage with the close supervision of our professional Chinese Physicians to lose weight steadily and healthily with lesser chance of gaining back lost weight.

At Aimin, you are assured of our safer more effective weight loss strategy and hassle-free service procedures without any gimmicks or extreme dieting, and are more realistic and sustainable for the long term.

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Acupuncture & Weight Loss Treatments | Massage Therapy | Beauty Treatments

Premium treatments used to create the healthier & most effective way!

Aroma Slimming Massage

Signature massage targeting localised fat reduction.

40 mins


Finger Press Massage (20 mins)


Fast relief on trigger points.

Meridian Massage

Regulates physiological functions of the body’s TCM meridians, helps with weight loss.

40 mins


Gua Sha Slimming (60 mins)


Deep scraping treatment for enhanced slimming.

Facial For Acne-Prone Skin | Selily Facial


Treatment for acne or oily skin, blemishes, comedones, enlarged pores, and acne-prone skin.

Dry skin


NS-Moist Restoring Treatment (MRT)
Immediate and long-lasting moisturising action for brighter, hydrated complexion.

Anti-Aging Facial


NS-Pure Et Lisse
Detoxifying facial combined with wrinkle-fillers for beauty from within.

NS-Regenatur NG 11


“ANTI-AGE” brightening and revitalising treatment, correcting skin spots.

Eye Treatment


NS-Lift & Light Eye Treatment
Firming and revitalising action, with immediate visible results.

NS-Lifto HD Treatment


Stimulates skin’s hormonal system for suppleness, radiance and vitality.

Sensitive Skin


Soothes sensitive and hyper-reactive skin for healthy and clear complexion.

Neck Treatment


Neck lifting
Lifting massage and firming mask for a neck of elegance.

Beauty Machine


DPL Facial
Light-based treatment for whitening, smoothing skin texture and reducing pores. Targets facial spots, blemishes and uneven skin texture.

DPL Hair Removal


Light-based treatment for hair removal with whitening effect. Armpit, leg and arm region.





Upper Lip


Oil Seeds Removal (5-10 oil seeds)


Laser treatment for oil seeds removal.
Eye and neck region.

Facial Acupuncture


Enhance beauty and preserve youthful appearance.

Therapeutic Massage For Natual Healing

Aroma Swedish Massage (60 mins)


Relaxation massage with aroma therapy.

Indian Head Massage (10 mins)


Brings tranquillity to the mind, body and soul.

Foot Massage

Stimulates foot reflex points for wellness.

60 mins


Neck & Shoulder Massage

Relieves stiff neck and tight shoulders.

20 mins


Hand Massage

Relaxes hand muscles after a hard day's work.

20 mins


30 mins


Herbal Prescriptions


Powdered TCM herbs prescribed by TCM physicians for medical conditions and wellness.

Shi-Style Weight Loss Acupuncture


Acupuncture treatment for weight management, founded by Dr.Shi.

Treatment Acupuncture


Used for a wide range of conditions such as digestive issues, pain conditions, women health and many more.

Auricular Acupuncture


Treats body conditions via ear-body corresponding system.

Cupping Therapy


Relieves muscle aches and improves digestive health.


Warm scraping treatment, coupled with infrared and magnetic therapy.
Targets muscle tension and promotes healing.

10 mins


20 mins


30 mins


Herbal Mask (30 mins)


TCM herbal extracts, volcanic mud and bee wax.
Regulates body’s physiological functions and relieves aches.

Radiofrequency Treatment (RF) (30 mins)


RF induces thermal damage to fat cells and stimulates collagen remodelling. Targets localised fat reduction and tightens loose skin.

Cool Radiofrequency Treatment (Cool RF) (40 mins)


RF treatment followed by wraps and compressions for drainage of fat cells and toxins.
Provides faster solution to localised fat reduction.

Why Choose Our Weight Loss Centre

Losing weight fast is DANGEROUS. Research has shown that fat calories are difficult to burn within a short period. Normally people who shed their weight quickly in a short span of time actually lost water weight or even lean issues. That could adversely affect your health. A weight loss of 1 to 3kgs a week is the typical recommendation.

tcm singapore

Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss Centre has flourished in Singapore since 2001 to offer its award-winning acupunctutre weight loss treatments to more clients with an impressive track record that has helped thousands of our clients to not only shed excess weight, but to also upkeep a healthier lifestyle with a low rate of weight rebound.

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Clients Have Lost Average Weight Loss 4-6kg Per Month
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We are fully committed to help our clients achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.

To enhance the lives of more people around the world through the latest in innovative health and wellness systems.

A consultant is on hand to provide a step-by-step guide throughout the process when the client undergoes treatment by our team of qualified physicians and acupuncturists.

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The Physicians There Are Very Caring And Knowledgeable.

So through out this program I need to actually stick to a very strict diet plan and regular excercise so as to achieve a positive outcome so I’m happy to say that I have successfully reduce my weight of 6kg, and that is a very great achievement for me so I need to be very strict in my diet and I will try to stick to what the physicians have suggested to me for my meals be it breakfast lunch and dinner so as to achieve more weight loss in the near future. Thank you!

edwin tan weight loss stories 2017 singapore

Edwin Tan

Because I Believe That My Weight Will Continue To Drop Throughout The Program.

With the health campaign organised by Aimin, for first 3 consecutive sessions of acupuncture treatments, I managed to drop almost 2kg. Not only that, the treatments had also improved my insomnia which also leads to obesity. Oh ya, there’s no requirement for intensive exercise!

Just normal work out like brisk walk could help as well, but also a healthy lifestyle of food intake which I tend to start record how much calories intake I had consume each and every meal/snack so it won’t exceed. I will work harder to strive for the perfect bodyline soon with the assistance/help/consultation from Aimin.

cyndy chew weight loss stories singapore 2017

Cyndy Chew

I Have Tried Several Different Types Of Slimming Courses And This Is The Only One That Has Really Worked For Me.

I joined Aimin when I was 104kg and I was on medication for blood complication. At present I am 80kg and I feel great. I have been taken off all my medication. I have also dropped from size 22 to size 16 in clothes. I have tried several different types of slimming courses and this is the only one that has really worked for me.

Pauline Hamid

I'm Happy With The Results And I Would Definitely Recommend Friends Who Need Slimming To Come To Aimin!

Before I joined Aimin for slimming treatment, I have tried many types of slimming medication and fat burner but it didn't help me. I suffered bloatedness and pain and the doctor advised me to stay away from slimming medication. I even went to weight management doctor to get prescribed medicine, but after 6 months of medication, I only lost 2kg.

I have accidentally come across Aimin on a Channel News Asia slimming programme. Initially I was sceptical that acupuncture can help one to slim down. But after I have tried and follow the diet plan, I am convinced. I have successfully slimmed down almost 6kg within 2.5 months. I'm happy with the results and I would definitely recommend friends who need slimming to come to Aimin!

Fiona Tan

Very Friendly And Forthcoming.

Loads of problems haunted me before. I had overweight problems, bloatedness, feeling painful sometimes and overall I felt very unhealthy myself. But after Aimin, I managed to have weight loss and became more fit and feeling less lethargic.

The Aimin service was excellent I must say! Very friendly and forthcoming. And most importantly they do not ask me to buy more products and treatment services!


Very Considerate And Caring.

Before I joined, I was always tired and had a lot of water retention and swelling in my legs. Now I have lost 15kgs and feel a lot better. I am more energetic now and generally feel better. The physicians and staff at Aimin are very considerate and caring. They are also excellent at what they do. I would not hesitate to recommend Aimin to people I know and in fact I have already done so.


My 2 Physicians Are Very Professional.

I was overweight when I first joined Aimin. Basically I just wanted to reduce weight after seeing a friend lost weight in just a short span of time after she had visited Aimin. I also have shoulder and lower back problems for some time due to occupational hazards. Since I joined Aimin, I have managed to reduce weight quite considerably; my health has also improved due to the change in eating habits and also my back problems have also gotten better!

My 2 physicians are very professional and they are ever willing to explain in details whenever I have queries over my problems. Now I don't even have to explain every time I come. She knows where to zoom in on me! I hope she will continue to save me!

Pauline Ong

But I have full confidence in Aimin in the process now.

I have general weight gain, muscle tone loss and neck shoulder aches. However, I tried Aimin Acupuncture and it has helped in controlling my weight gain and I am still in progress to achieve my targeted weight loss! But I have full confidence in Aimin in the process now.


Service is good but just more expensive in terms of cost. However, it is value of my money!

I have problems in losing weight after a year of weight loss. With Aimin, now I have a slimmer physique and able to control my cravings and appetite. My physician was very friendly and she customised my treatments to fit my needs promptly and efficiently. I signed up a massage package as well with my acupuncture treatments and the massage was great and relaxing and so comfortable!

Service is good but just more expensive in terms of cost. However, it is value for my money!

Yap Wei Xian

The care and patience of the staff at Aimin Acupuncture have been tremendous.

Aimin has been a life changer for me! Being fat and obese all my life, I have never thought one day I would lose my weight. The care and patience of the staff at Aimin Acupuncture have been tremendous. I am happy because I am more active now and also feeling better and healthier now.

I will definitely recommend Aimin to my friends who wish to lose weight the healthy way!

Vincent Lee

The Physicians And Therapists Were Very Friendly And Encouraging.

I was obese and gain weight very easily. I had irregular menses too. After my treatments at Aimin, I had improved in the regularity of my menstrual cycles and lost some weight as well. But I was very pleased with the overall results!

The physicians and therapists were very friendly and encouraging. The treatments were good except for the aroma massage which cannot be done often as I feel a little painful.

Monica Suan

Aimin's Physicians Were Caring And Gave Me Good Advice With Regards To Food Intake And The Need For Will-Power.

I was a humongous 128kg fat man when I decided to seek treatment at Aimin. My initial target was to lose weight to below 100kg in the fastest time. Aimin's physicians were caring and gave me good advice with regards to food intake and the need for will-power. The massage though initially felt painful but eventually I could sleep through the treatment!

Well Done Aimin!!

Abdul Hadi

I Am Very Pleased With The Physician Here As They Are Very Attentive And Caring!

Acupuncture helps me to control my appetite more effectively and now I feel less hungry. Ever since I joined Aimin till today, I have lost more than 10kg and I am really happy today! I am very pleased with the physician here as they are very attentive and caring!


My Physician Is Friendly And Compassionate.

I was introduced by my colleague to join Aimin. Due to my BMI at overweight stage and I have never tipped the scales at 80kg and above, I have decided to join Aimin. I have lost 12kg in 3 months and this really makes me have the determination to lose more weight!

With the diet plan given on non-carbo diet, I find myself eating healthy as the weight was further reduced. My physician is friendly and compassionate. She always chatted with me to ease my tension whenever she starts to poke the needles in me. She addresses my concerns and is very encouraging towards my weight loss.

Overall I am pleased with the treatments and the service provided by Aimin!

Phil Lim

The Physicians At Aimin Take Very Good Care Of Me And I Have Had 2 Wonderful Experiences With Aimin To Date.

The physicians at Aimin take very good care of me and I have had 2 wonderful experiences with Aimin to date. They have helped me to lose 10-15kg every time. All thanks to Aimin once again.

Soh Bee Kim

The Physicians Were Friendly And The Feeling I Got From The Treatments And Their Services Were Always So Professional And Dedicated.

Everything at Aimin was very good! The physicians were friendly and the feeling I got from the treatments and their services were always so professional and dedicated. I successfully lost my weight and ever since now, my moods have been excellent. I had lost from 78kg to 58kg!

Lee Soo Gek

And The Services At Aimin Are Definitely Professional!

I had overweight problems and after I visited Aimin Acupuncture I had reduced my weight to my desired level. I find that acupuncture and massage are comfortable and suitable for me. And the services at Aimin are definitely professional!

Chon Tong Koh

Aimin's Acupuncture Program Has Helped Me Control My Appetite And Lose Most Of The Weight Quickly.

I was marginally over weight, but had a relatively bulging tummy. Aimin's acupuncture program has helped me control my appetite and lose most of the weight quickly. As a whole, the program is effective.

The slimming massage program is great too! My tummy is much flatter now. I'm happy with the outcome. In fact, it was so noticeable that many friends asked about the treatment!

Sharon Teo

Acupuncture Really Helped To Curb My Appetite To Aid In The Weight Loss.

I have tried to lose some weight through exercising but I could not even lose a kg. Instead my weight seems to be increasing. I have lost about 5kg after joining Aimin's programme. Acupuncture really helped to curb my appetite to aid in the weight loss. It has no obvious side effects and helps one get started to lose some weight.

Michelle Yeo

Aimin's Service Is Highly Professional And Friendly. Unlike Some Other Places Which Hard Sell, You Never See This Here.

Before joining Aimin, I was overweight and feel unhealthy with digestion problems. The course of 30 acupuncture treatments allowed me to reduce my weight from 71kg to 62kg and improved my digestion problems.

Aimin's service is highly professional and friendly. Unlike some other places which hard sell, you never see this here.

Mr Ong

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