Cyndy Chew’s Weight Loss Journey With Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss Centre

cyndy chew's acupuncture weight loss testimonial

Losing weight has always been on my mind, no matter how long and how tough it can be. Having my 3 precious children is one of my motivation to keep me moving forward to lead a healthier life, with that I would be able to join them in all sort of activities such as their favourite swimming, accompanying them and watching them grow. Striving hard to achieve a perfect bodyline to fit all beautiful dresses/gowns and also have a studio photo-shoot with my 3 precious children which we have yet a chance to do.

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Edwin Tan’s Weight Loss Journey With Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss Centre

edwin tan's acupuncture weight loss testimonial

Since my friends recommended me this program for me, I’ve decided to give it a shot to achieve a positive outcome which is to slim down to a desirable and ideal weight. Due to the nature of my work, I tend to eat a lot during the night and before proceeding to sleep. My motivation for my weight loss is that obesity is often relates to all kind of illnesses such as high blood pressure and diabetes, as such weight loss in a healthy way is the only way to keep these illnesses at bay. Another motivation is that a healthy and fitter appearance can attract girl’s attention much more easy and I hope that I can successfully find my dream girlfriend soon.

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