About Aimin’s Profile

Our Company

Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss Centre was established in 1993, founded by Dr Shi Lidong, the director of the Aimin Fat Reduction Hospital in Tianjin, China. Dr Shi has a Master’s Degree of Business Administration (Tsinghua University) and a certified TCM Physician in China.

The extensive coverage of Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss Centre by Singapore Media on the Shanghai Guinness World Record-breaking best weight loss feat of Meng Qing Gang in 2001 has led Dr Shi to extend its amazing results to Singapore and established Aimin Singapore in Joo Chiat the same year. Today we are located in 3 places across our island.

Our Mission

To enhance the lives of more people around the world through the latest in innovative health and wellness systems.

Our Vision

To be a world-class total wellness company, inspiring individuals to realise their charisma, confidence, control, captivation, and improving the qualities towards a wholesome optimal lifestyle.

Our Core Values

Achieving Excellence in Customer Service

Integrity at Every Level

Maintaining Professionalism Always

Initiative for Tomorrow’s Innovation

Never Stop Learning and Sharing

Our Quality Assurance

At Aimin, you can find dedicated professionals fully committed to help clients achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We involve and inform clients in every step of the treatment procedure.

A consultant is on hand to provide a step-by-step guide throughout the process when the client undergoes treatment by our team of qualified physicians and acupuncturists.

We have confidence in helping one achieve better health through our weight-management programme. We believe that only with good health then can one feel beautiful both inside and out and ultimately, improve their quality of life.

Our Philosophy

The 4Cs of Aimin’s Way Of Life

CHARISMA – The charm that you exude to the world brings a personality to your life. Let Aimin add radiance to your life from within your health to your outer flawless skin.

CONFIDENCE – Assurance comes from poise and the attitude with which you live life to the fullest. You can always rely on Aimin’s effective support to enhance your beautiful assets.

CAPTIVATION – Let the curves of love drive the adrenaline in you to accomplish the summits of life. At Aimin, we believe in wholesome health and form so as to relish life’s every beautiful moment.

CONTROL – The power to move your surroundings and sharing with the world forms the pinnacle to Aimin’s philosophy to helping, educating and creating newfound miracles for more people all over the world.

Service Standards

We will respond to you based on the following service standards and continually work on improving our services.

*Answer 95% of calls within 1 minute

*Reply to 95% of emails within 3 working days

*Attend to 100% of walk-in enquiries within 5 minutes

How Aimin Handles and Resolves Feedback

For feedback received via email or our helpline, we will work towards resolving the feedback within 3 working days. Our officer will work with you to resolve your feedback.