Beauty Treatments

facial for acne prone skin singapore

Facial For Acne-Prone Skin | Selily Facial

Treatment for acne or oily skin, blemishes, comedones, enlarged pores, and acne-prone skin.

Price: $239.90

regenatur ng 11: anti-age brightening treatment

NS-Regenatur NG 11

“Anti-Age” brightening and revitalising treatment, correcting skin spots.

Price: $299.90

neck lifting treatment singapore

Neck Treatment

Neck Lifting
Lifting massage and firming mask for a neck of elegance.

Price: $89.90

facial acupuncture singapore

Facial Acupuncture

Enhance beauty and preserve youthful appearance.

Price: $109.90

dry skin on face treatment singapore

Dry skin

NS-Moist Restoring Treatment (MRT)
Immediate and long-lasting moisturising action for brighter, hydrated complexion.

Price: $299.90

claregen couperose sensitive skins

Sensitive Skin


Soothes sensitive and hyper-reactive skin for healthy and clear complexion.

Price: $299.90

dpl hair removal singapore

DPL Hair Removal

Light-based treatment for hair removal with whitening effect.
Armpit, leg and arm region.

Armpit – $99.90

Leg – $399.90

Upper Lip – $79.90

dpl facial treatment singapore

Beauty Machine

DPL Facial
Light-based treatment for whitening, smoothing skin texture and reducing pores.
Targets facial spots, blemishes and uneven skin texture.

90 mins – $399.90

anti-aging facial singapore

Anti-Aging Facial

NS-Pure Et Lisse

Detoxifying facial combined with wrinkle-fillers for beauty from within.

Price: $299.90

lifto hd suppleness/skin hormonal system stimulation

NS-Lifto HD Treatment

Stimulates skin’s hormonal system for suppleness, radiance and vitality.

Price: $299.90

eye treatment facial singapore

Eye Treatment

NS-Lift & Light Eye Treatment
Firming and revitalising action, with immediate visible results.

Price: $169.90

oil seeds removal service singapore

Oil Seeds Removal

Laser treatment for oil seeds removal.
Eye and neck region.

5-10 Oil Seeds – $59.90

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