Modern Treatments

acuflex therapy singapore


Warm scraping treatment, coupled with infrared and magnetic therapy.
Targets muscle tension and promotes healing.

10 mins – $49.90

20 mins – $59.90

30 mins – $99.90

cool radiofrequency treatment singapore

Cool Radiofrequency Treatment (Cool RF)

RF treatment followed by wraps and compressions for drainage of fat cells and toxins.
Provides faster solution to localised fat reduction.

 40 mins – $299.90

tcm herbs mask singapore

Herbal Mask

TCM herbal extracts, volcanic mud and bee wax.
Regulates body’s physiological functions and relieves aches.

 30 mins – $69.90

radiofrequency treatment singapore

Radiofrequency Treatment (RF)

RF induces thermal damage to fat cells and stimulates collagen remodelling.
Targets localised fat reduction and tightens loose skin.

 30 mins – $199.90

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