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Long-lasting weight loss treatments based on China’s 5,000 years of TCM secrets

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Ambassador, Teo Ser Lee

Long-lasting weight loss treatments based on China’s 5,000 years of TCM secrets

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Ambassador, Teo Ser Lee

Why Choose Us?

Customized treatments

Every customer that walks into Aimin is unique. All solutions are carefully crafted based on the individual’s needs and requirements.

Qualified TCM practitioners

All our physicians are registered TCM practitioners with years of experience providing safe and effective treatment to our customers.

Safe and long-lasting treatment methods

Using methods adopted from our Tianjin Hospital, Aimin has in place safe and effective practices built on China’s 5,000 years of TCM philosophy.

More than 2,300 satisfied customers

Since establishment, Aimin has successfully helped over 2,300 customers lose weight in a sustainable and healthy manner.

There are many things I like about Aimin, such as the service. The physicians and therapists are very knowledgeable. The treatments have helped me improve my immunity and digestive systems, maintain my weight, and overall wellness. My experience with Aimin has been awesome!

Teo Ser Lee, Celebrity and Founder of Protocol Academy


The physicians here are very caring and knowledgeable. Through this program, I’m happy to say that I’ve lost 16kg. I will continue to stick to the diet the physicians have suggested so that I can lose more weight and have a healthier life. Thank you!

Edwin Tan, Top 3 Weight-Loss Participant (Embrace Health Campaign)


After the whole weight loss program, I managed to drop 18.1kg! Not only that, my insomnia condition also got better. This program doesn’t require intensive exercise. The physicians just recommended light exercises and diet for me to stick to.

Cyndy Chew, Top 3 Weight-Loss Participant (Embrace Health Campaign)


Over 17 Years of

Over 6,000 customers

2365 customers lost an
Avg weight
of 4-5kg/mth

Aimin’s Philosophy

Effective weight loss is sustainable weight loss

At Aimin, we believe that weight loss must be long-lasting. Many weight loss programs only focus on the immediate results but fail to address the sustainability of it.

As part of our weight loss program, we ensure that our customers are not only provided with the right recommendations to the treatments they require, we also work together with them to come up with a sustainable diet plan and propose appropriate lifestyle changes. The TCM treatment itself is meant to complement these efforts by stimulating the body in a way that enhances weight loss.

Our Certified TCM Physicians

All our physicians are qualified with immense amount of experience to help our customers lose weight effectively.

Our Awards

Bizsafe – A five-step programme that assists our company to build up the WSH capabilities so that we can achieve quantum improvements in safety and health standards at the workplace.

Casetrust – First CaseTrust-accredited company with a testament to our good business practices, fair trading, and transparency to customers.

The certification for the quality excellence standard for organisations.

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