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We all have our fitness goals. Aside from staying healthy, which is proven to be a necessity in this fast paced world, being fit can also boost our confidence. It can improve the way we see ourselves and make our mental health stable and in check. In response to this, Aimin aims to help individuals in achieving their fitness goals. With our efficient, sustainable and affordable slimming programs, finding one that will suit your lifestyle will not be an issue.

Aimin uses the latest technology devices to help you lose weight more effectively. These modern treatments are able to localise fat reduction and drainage of fat cells and toxins.
Among our proven effective approaches to weight loss is the use of modern treatment. We have various programs that actively and efficiently address the factors triggering weight gain.

Cool rf

Cool Radiofrequency Treatment (Cool RF)

Cool RF is a non-painful therapy with visible effects in two weeks The therapy is similar to a slimming massage. With a healthy diet and exercise, it will provide dramatic effects for any individual. The therapy is painless and safe, and it takes 4 to 6 sessions spaced out over 10 days. Each session typically lasts for up to 90 minutes.

Contour Radiofrequency Treatment (Contour RF)

Contour Radio Frequency (Contour RF) treatment is a non-invasive form of skin tightening which makes it effective for slimming down the facial features. The treatment requires the use of energy frequencies to warm the layers of the skin. This heat promotes collagen formation.

Contour RF
Acuflex treatment


Acuflex is another signature weight loss treatment from Aimin in Singapore. This is a combination of TCM’s gua sha slimming treatment and modern use of heat energy to reduce fat. The process involves scraping the skin layers with a heated skin scraper to activate the muscles and promote collagen production.

Lipo Slim Care Treatment

Lipo slimming takes between 30 to 35 minutes per session and is a totally safe and painless therapy for effective weight loss.

Lipo slim care treatment’s result varies from person to person, although it has been reported that one should expect a reduction of at least two dress sizes after successful therapy.

Lipo Slim Treatment
Cool Radiofrequency Treatment, Acuflex, EMSculpt, Lipo slimcare treatment

EMC Device

Fat dissolving treatments have become, indeed, in demand. As a non-surgical approach to body sculpting and toning, these treatments have primarily worked on the skin and the fatty tissues but have no effect on toning muscle mass. EMC, clinically-proven treatment which combines fat reduction with the ability to increase muscle mass and definition for stubborn areas such as the tummy and buttocks, arms and calves. 10% – 16% average increase in muscle and at least 15% fat reduction, achieve in 2-4 weeks post-treatment.

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