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What is weight loss?

When your body uses more calories than what you eat, it turns to your glycogen (a form of sugar) stored in your muscles and when that’s gone, it turns to fat for energy. The more energy your body needs to draw from the fat stores, the more weight loss you get.

There are 2 ways to jump start weight loss:

1) Decrease input: Drop the number of calories in your diet by replacing high calorie food (like chips and donuts) with high fibre and high-water content food such as vegetables, low sugar fruits, beans, kelps, konnyaku.

2) Increase output: Jack up the level of physical activity by participating in exercise that you enjoy.

Out of the 2, we recommend that you focus on diet : exercise = 80:20. As the saying goes “Abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym”. You can never undo a diet by exercising.

Switching to a real, whole and plant-based diet is not simply about cutting calories. It has significant impact on your gene expressions, hormone balance and metabolism which in turn will affect weight loss and health in the long run.

At Aimin, our signature acupuncture treatment would work best for weight loss. Our Shi-Style acupuncture helps to increase overall metabolism, improve digestive system and curb your appetite.

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What is inch loss?

Inch loss is losing in inches around typical areas of fat storage with or without weight loss. When your body burns excess fat, you lose inches in areas such as the waist, hips and thighs.

Inch loss is very important especially if you have a high waist circumference (over 90cm for males; over 80cm for female), meaning you have high belly fat. The accumulation of fat in this area can affect your heart, put other organs at risk and also put you in risk for type 2 diabetes.

At Aimin, our Radio Frequency treatment and Slimming massages would work best for inch loss and body contouring. They can target specific problem areas to increase microcirculation and fat burning effects.

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The Math

On average, if you are deficient of 500 calories a day, you will lose 0.5kg per week. That equals to 2kg per month.

How does 500 calories look like? It’s equals to roughly 1 bowl of laksa or 1.5 curry puff or 2 Starbucks caramel lattes.

This is a healthy weight loss rate and is less likely to bounce back. For references, you will be able to lose about 1 inch (2.5cm) when you lose 8 pounds (3.5 kg).

Remember, weight loss is not always linear. There will be plateaus, ups and downs. But if you commit to a much bigger goal of how you want to feel after you lose weight, you will be more likely to stick to your new lifestyle habits.

Can a person lose inches & gain weight?

Yes,it is possible to lose inches and gain weight. Muscle is far denser and heavier than fats.

Muscles are also much more compact and takes up less space than fat. So, sometimes you will see someone who weighs 55kg with 23 percent fat and 55kg with 12 percent fat, and the latter person will look much smaller.

For instance, if you’re doing vigorous exercise program that includes strength training, it’s possible to lose inches while developing muscle in other areas.

In this case, you should focus on defining and toning up and ignore the scales. However, if you want to decrease the rate of muscle gain, choose cardiovascular exercise instead of strength training.

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The secret to weight loss: Number 150 + SugarFree

Some say sugar is as additive as cocaine. And it’s true to a certain extent. High sugar food (refined carbs, fruit juices, dried fruits, Milo, certain “healthy “granola bars) can cause a spike in your insulin.

This insulin is a hormone that unlocks the keys to the cells to let sugar in and store the excess at fats. If you want to lose weight, you need to keep the blood sugar as stable as possible and keep the insulin at bay.

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150 is the number of minutes of exercise (or movement) recommended by The Health Promotion Board, Singapore. That’s about 20 minutes every day.

If that sounds a lot for you, split that into 2 sessions of 10 minutes of mini exercise and you will hit the 150 minutes goal. Lifestyle activities such as washing the car, mopping the floor, or taking the stairs also counts!

3 types of activities you can do:

  • Lifestyle activities – Light level: Walking to MRT, mopping floors, strolling, flying kite.
  • Aerobic activities – Moderate level: Carrying grocery and climbing stairs, brisk walking for 15 minutes, jogging, soccer.
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