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Pelvis Correction

The pelvis, a vital bony structure located at the base of the spine, plays a crucial role in supporting and balancing the spine, connecting it to the lower limbs, and providing stability for the entire body. The pelvis protects the lower abdominal organs. It is essential for good posture, balance, and mobility that the pelvis be in its neutral position. Variations in pelvic tilt can impact overall body positioning.

Our pelvis correction Treatment Trial 40 mins @ $89.90 and 60 mins @ $109.90, helps to restore proper alignment and balance to the pelvic region.

Pelvic tilts TCM Alignment Corrections

Understand Why Everyones Facing Pelvic Tilts Issue?

Pelvic tilt standing position
Wrong Standing Postures
Smartphone Hingeing pelvic tilts
Bad Smartphone Hingeing

Pelvis Tilt Leads To A Range Of Complications

One-sided Exercises

Doing activities that focus more on one side, muscles may not grow evenly

Sitting Too Much

Sitting for a long time without moving will weaker back and core muscles, which can affect how you stand.

Sticking Out Belly

Having a belly that’s noticeable can changes your balance and posture.

Changes in Spine Shape

Factors affecting how your spine grows could impact how your back feels and looks.

Injuries (Sprains, Breaks, Tears)

Getting hurt and changing how you move while healing will result in different movements and possible long-term effects.

Leg Length Differences

Having one leg longer than the other can affect how you stand and cause discomfort.

Impact on Reproductive Health

Influencing how your pelvic area works may affect reproductive organ function.

The Impact Could Lead To

Deform Leg due to Pelvic Tilts

Deformation Of Lower Body

Tilted Pelvic Position

Position Pelvic tilts
leg length due to pelvic tilt

Uneven Leg Length

Our Treatment Solutions

Pelvis Correction, refers to therapeutic techniques  that help to  restore proper alignment and balance to the pelvic region. Manipulate and mobilise the pelvic joints to restore proper alignment, release tension and tightness in the muscles around the pelvis, contributing to improved alignment.


Improved Posture and Balance

Pain Relief

Enhanced Flexibility and Strength

Strengthening Bowel

Healthy Bladder

Improve Sexual Function

Prevention of musculoskeletal problems

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