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Among our most common concerns when it comes to starting out a slimming treatment is that most of those treatments are rather costly and other times, strenuous even. We definitely understand your dilemma and we are here to help.

As weight loss isn’t just for physical appearance but to improve overall wellness. We offer slimming packages from time to time so you can avail of our slimming treatments for a good price.

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$ 68
  • Inbody Analysis report, Metabolic
    Inducing Acupuncture (30 mins)
  • Divine Hands Slimming Massage (30 mins)
  • Slimming Gua Sha (30min)
$ 88
  • Bojin (30 min)
  • Slimming Gua Sha (30 mins)
  • Inducing acupuncture and consultation

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Slimming Promotions from Aimin

We have several slimming promotions available in Singapore at Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss Centre. People require a variety of slimming treatments and one solution might not be effective for all. Aimin devised a number of weight-loss methods that are both effective and efficient. Browse our website for more information on our slimming promotions in Singapore and find the one that is right for you.

Slimming Packages from Aimin

When it comes to beginning a slimming treatment, one of our most common issues is that most of them are very costly and, at times, arduous. Since losing weight is vital not just for your body look but also for your wellbeing, we occasionally offer a slimming package so you can take advantage of our slimming therapies at a low cost. See our promotion page for more information about our current slimming package in Singapore.

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