About Body Slimming

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About Body Massage

Body Slimming Massage

A slimming massage generates friction that warms the skin, stimulating microcirculation and aiding in fat metabolism. The movement of body slimming massages stimulates connective tissues, promoting lymphatic drainage in our gastrointestinal tract, which absorbs and transports fats from the intestine to the liver.

Our liver is the primary fat-burning organ, keeping it in optimal condition can help the body clear out toxins and waste more effectively, resulting in less fat accumulation in the abdomen. Aside from fats, our lymph system also helps to get rid of excess water, cellular waste, bacteria and toxins.

Acupuncture Slimming

Acupuncture Slimming 

 Shi-Style weight loss acupuncture is a slimming treatment for weight management,  It is an acupuncture weight loss treatment that is popular. Dr. Shi’s unique methodology has received extensive coverage by the Singapore media and on the Shanghai Guinness World Record for an amazing weight loss feat.

It can stimulate the body’s energy flow to impact factors that can reverse obesity such as:

  • Increasing metabolism
  • Reduced hunger and appetite suppression
  • Lowering stress
  • Affecting the part of the brain that feels hunger
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Regulate hormone imbalance
  • Regulate digestion problem including gastric and bloating
  • Rebalance natural state of health
  • Improves weight – related conditions such as high  blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Maintenance of weight in long run, with low chance of rebound
  • No side effects

Divine Hands Aroma Slimming Massage

Divine Hands Aroma Slimming Massage

By boosting metabolism rates and increasing blood circulation, the divine hands aroma slimming massage targets problem areas in your body such as the tummy, thigh, arms and calf to provide localized fat reduction.

It aids in the improvement of lymphatic drainage, and also in the toning of various parts of our bodies.

Meridian Massage

In TCM, meridians (also known as acupressure vessels) are energy pathways of bodily energy qi channels that run and recharge the body’s energy fields.

Meridians are like rivers; they carry the flow of energy qi, just like how a river channels the flow of water through a particular path to various terminals. These meridian pathways function in just about the same way as the circulatory system by circulating energy, nutrients, and blood throughout our body.

Besides regulating the physiological functions of the 12 meridians and these meridian lines are all connected to our major organs within our body.

Human Body Acupressure Points

Meridian massage uses various techniques to stimulate various acupressure points in our bodies. It aids in the removal of blockages and the balance of qi, blood, Yin and Yang in our bodies. When used as a TCM slimming massage technique, it targets acupressure points that affect weight gain and weight loss; these acupressure points help to improve digestive health as well as organ health such as the spleen, stomach, and intestines. Certain acupressure points can also regulate blood sugar levels when stimulated.

Benefits of Meridian Tendon Therapy

“Suwen·Wei Lun”: “All tendons govern bones and joints”

Tendon meridians are in relation to muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules, synovial sacs and other structures.

As the human body gradually ages, strain, and inertial posture become the source of the disorder. At the same time causing imbalance to the body and affecting the traction of the soft tissues. It directly affects the blood supply and the functional degeneration of the pliability of the nerves. These lead to pain and diseases.

The tendon meridian therapy thinking is based on the holistic view of the human body, this includes:

  • Histology
  • The Anatomy
  • Neuroscience
  • Skeletal Study
  • Biological Study
  • Hemorheology
  • Body Dynamic Study

The conditioning of the tendons renders the body a self-repairing and regeneration environment.

Symmetrical adjustment affects the soft tissues, meridians and bones of the skeletal structure. Symmetry and balance of both sides of the body resulting in pain being alleviated. Releasing the tight fascia on both left and right of the body making the body structure to be soft and elastic.

  • The Meridian Tendon treatment helps relieve fatigue and tight muscles.
  • Repairs affecting bone structure and soft tissue.
  • Helps to clear the meridians and the overall body circulation.
  • Helps to treat imbalance of the body to reduce pain.
  • Helps to adjust the physiological state of the spine.

Gua Sha therapy

Gua Sha Slimming

Gua sha is a deep scraping treatment that involves scraping a person’s body with a gua sha tool to stimulate specific energy lines. The gua sha slimming method, like meridian massage, works to stimulate specific areas of the body that impact organ health to enhance slimming.

Gua sha slimming promotes healing, lymphatic drainage, and blood circulation, which improves digestive health, rebalances the functionality of the internal organs, and aids in the removal of toxins from our bodies. The scraping technique also helps to reduce cellulite, firm and tighten the skin.

Gua sha is also commonly used on the face in a gentler form; when the face puffs up due to lymph and water retention, it helps to de-puff the face by encouraging lymphatic and water drainage to achieve a slimmer looking face and is also thought to help achieve clearer, younger, and healthier skin.

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