Treat headaches, chronic pain & fatigue with holistic TCM treatments

80 Mins worth of TCM services including Acupuncture and Cupping + One of the followings Meridian Massage or Bojin @ $58 (U.P. $89.90) For any successful signup after the First Trial get Free Gift worth U.P $899

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Our qualified TCM physicians provide safe & effective treatments
√ Specialty Acupuncture √ TCM Cupping √ TCM Bojin√ Healing Meridian Massage

Xie Yong Fang,Registered TCM Physician

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Traditional chinese medicine - More than 2,000 years of history in using acupuncture to strengthen immunity

Reduce chronic pain, headaches and stress levels

Preserve muscle strength, flexibility and balance

Balance hormones and improves fertility

  • Treat pains commonly found in the lower back or different parts of the body
  • Regulates the hormones that protect your brain to relieve stress and improve your overall health
  • Creates hormonal balance by improving blood circulation
  •  Exercises can help enhance your flexibility and agility

Reduce inflammation

Has very few side effects 

  • Helps with digestion and helps you stop any lifestyle habits that are harmful to your body
  • A natural remedy to enhance your body’s immunity with no known harmful side effects 

Acupuncture helps to treat

Chronic pain




PMS or menopause symptoms

Hormonal imbalances

High blood pressure


Different types of TCM

Facial Acupuncture

Treatment Acupuncture

Auricular Acupuncture



With more than 17 years of experience in China and Singapore and over 6,000 customers under their belt, our physicians are the best consultants for your needs




Registered TCM Physician

Registered TCM Physician

Registered TCM Physician

Thousands of customers have experienced real results

“Before I joined, I was always tired and had a lot of water retention and swelling in my legs. Now I have lost 15kg and feel a lot better. I am more energetic now and generally feel better. The physicians and staff at Aimin are very considerate and caring. They are also excellent at what they do. I would not hesitate to recommend Aimin to people I know and in fact I have already done so.”

“I have trouble sleeping and due to my insufficient sleep, I have frequent headaches and feel very lethargic. I was sceptical with acupuncture treatment but after trying it, there is an improvement in my headaches and I could fell asleep easier as well. I also did the aromatherapy massage for insomnia; they use essential oils that can help me relaxed and I fell relieve and refresh after every session. Really could not be happier as I am grateful to Aimin Team as well!”

Savitha, 46, Teacher

Jasmine, 37

“Loads of problems haunted me before. I had overweight problems, bloatedness, feeling painful sometimes and overall I felt very unhealthy myself. But after Aimin, I managed to have weight loss and became more fit and feeling less lethargic. The Aimin service was excellent I must say! Very friendly and forthcoming. And most importantly they do not ask me to buy more products and treatments services!”

“I have problems in losing weight after a year of weight loss. With Aimin, now I have a slimmer physique and able to control my cravings and appetite. My physician was very friendly and she customised my treatments to fit my needs promptly and efficiently. I signed up a massage package as well with my acupuncture treatments and the massage was great and relaxing and so comfortable! Service is good but just more expensive in terms of cost. However, it is value for my money!”

Chong, 42 IT Personnel

Yap Wei Xian, 28, Civil Servant

“Health is a state of the body. Wellness is a state of being.”

Safe and long lasting treatment methods

Safe and Long Lasting Treatment Methods 

More than 17 years of experience and over 6,000 customers treated

Qualified TCM practitioners with certification and experience

All our treatments are holistic and have no known harmful side effects and have been used to treat people for many generations (over 2,000 years)  

We have the experience in helping many customers with a large range of health issues and are able to take into consideration each person’s life rather than only several obvious signs or symptoms

All our TCM practitioners are legally registered with Singapore’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board (TCMPB), a statutory board under Ministry of Health

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