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Acupuncture helps control appetite and reduce hunger pangs associated with establishing a healthy diet. Acupuncture also helps regulate the body’s physiological functions for a healthy metabolism, which is important for optimal energy expenditure.

Results can be seen within the first week of treatment. Focusing on healthy weight loss, our program sees an average reduction of 2-4 kg/month, amounting to a weight loss of 12kg or more in 3 months!

However, it is provided that the prescribed diet and recommended exercise are adhered to. As usual, results are subjected to individuals.

Acupuncture rarely hurts. If it does hurt, you could imagine the pain to be that of an ant bite. Points at the extremities might be more sensitive, but the sensation is usually brief.

Needle manipulations done by our TCM physicians might give you feelings of dull ache, tightness, tingling or radiating sensation at the site of manipulation.

All our TCM physicians and acupuncturists are legally registered with Singapore’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board (TCMPB), a statutory board under the Ministry of Health.

Practicing Certificates of our TCM physicians, as issued by TCMPB, are displayed within the respective outlets.

Acupuncture is safe when administered by a fully qualified TCM Practitioner/Acupuncturist.

Side effects are uncommon, such as bruising at the site of acupuncture, muscle soreness or dizziness, of which are all mild and self-healing.

For our weight loss program, acupuncture needles are inserted at the abdomen, thighs and legs regions.

We use only sterile and disposable needles. Once used, such needles are disposed of in biohazard containers.

Yes, it is safe to resume normal activities after treatment as you would not experience lethargy or dizziness thereafter, but you are advised to keep warm and dry for at least 2 hours after treatment.

The needles used for acupuncture are thinner than the ones used for injections. Hence, the treatment will not leave any permanent scars or marks.

Healthy diet and active lifestyle are basic requirements to good health. Acupuncture is able to correct the imbalances within the body that results in excessive weight gain, but it is also important for you to watch your diet and exercise to reinforce the effects of the treatment.

Besides acupuncture, you will be given a diet plan to comply with throughout the treatment course. You may also choose to try our other weight loss services such as massages and radiofrequency treatment, which helps reduce inches, at the same time, tightening  and toning the skin, or regulate the body’s physiological functions for optimal weight loss.

Usually, both acupuncture and massage treatments are done together to maximize the weight loss results.

It is okay to stay away from treatment for just a week or two due to other commitments. However, it is still important to maintain your diet and exercise routine to prevent unnecessary weight gain.

Aimin provides a stabilization phase whereby your diet will gradually resume to that of a normal healthy diet. The stabilization phase is crucial for weight maintenance.

Weight will be maintained at the ideal level if you adopt a sensible diet, avoiding frequent indulgence in unhealthy food and alcoholic drinks. Moderation is the key and should be practiced.

Aimin’s acupuncture treatment focuses on overall weight loss. To treat specific problematic areas, we combine our latest technology for skin tightening, cellulite reduction, toning muscle as well as body shaping.

As for natural birth, you are advised to start Aimin’s weight loss program at least 2 months after childbirth.

If the Cesarean Section was involved during childbirth, you are advised to start Aimin’s weight loss program at least 6 months after childbirth.

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