Acupuncture Therapy Can Help Address Your Child’s Anxiety & Other Ailments

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Acupuncture Therapy Can Help Address Your Child’s Anxiety & Other Ailments
  1. Common children ailments include sore throat, ear pain, urinary tract infection (UTI) skin infection, common cold, bacterial sinusitis, cough, pain, bronchitis, and hand foot mouth disease.
  2. Anxiety is a normal human emotion that all of us experience in response to future events that we expect to be threatening or big in some way. However, anxiety disorders involve more than temporary worry or fear.

Excessive anxiety can be debilitating and highly restrictive. This can affect quality of life and leave a person feeling out of control of their own lives.

Childhood anxiety is on the rise in recent years. Children are growing in an environment of volatility and pressure.

common childhood ailments

They are pressured to perfection, everything can turn into something negative. It is thought that the various social media effects on mental health are largely negative. Comparing lifestyles depicted in social media and a fear of missing out (FOMO) are likely causes of anxiety as well as the way social media ironically makes people feel lonely.

If a child is having anxiety disorder, he or she might not be able to sleep well. Hence it leads to childhood insomnia, eventually will affect the digestive system.

When a child’s emotional need is not met, it is expected to cause some behavioral problems, all these problems are interlocking with one another. From time to time when life is stressful, it is normal to feel anxious, nervous and tense. Worries, doubts and fear are a normal part of life.

However severe excessive and on-going anxiety may be a sign of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

Generalized Anxiety Disorder is a mood disorder that is characterized by multiple and/or nonspecific worries. It interferes with the person’s ability to sleep, think or function in some other way.

It is possible for children to develop generalized anxiety disorder. The exact cause of Generalized Anxiety Disorder is not fully known though the number of factors including genetics, brain chemistry and environment stresses appears to contribute to its development.

generalized anxiety disorder (gad)

The symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder fluctuate, affect individuals differently but most experience a combination of emotional, behavioural and physical symptoms. Inability to tolerate uncertainty and the need to know what’s going to happen to the future.

Inability to relax, difficulty concentrating or focusing on things. Putting things off because you feel overwhelmed. Avoiding situations which make you anxious.

Feeling tense, having muscle tight nerves or body aches. Having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep because your mind will not quit.

Feeling edgy, restless or jumpy. Stomach problems. Nausea and diarrhoea. Children are more likely to cry. Have tantrums or become clingy and tend to develop illness in early childhood, with symptoms being persistent, coming and going into adulthood.

There are many ways of treating childhood ailments without causing any side-effects. First, we need to find out the cause of every problem.

There are a range of therapies to treat anxiety psychologically such as:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) – to help you to understand your behavior and how to gain control
  • Deep breathing exercises – breathing with attention and concentration
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Meditation

therapies to treat anxiety psychologically

Seeking professional help, going for counselling therapy is another alternative to help kids learn coping skills so that they can face fear and worry less.

Spending more time bonding with child/children. Doing things with him/her that he/she enjoys most.

Help kids to talk about feelings. Give them a listening ear and let them know you understand, love and accept them.

A caring relationship with you helps your child build inner strengths. Encourage your child to take small steps forward.

Don’t let your child give up or avoid what they’re afraid of. Help them to take small positive steps to move forward. Most importantly be patient, it takes a while for therapy to work and for kids to feel better. Always be there to support and care for them.

The rest of treatment includes lifestyle changes, nutrition, supplements, herbs, stress management, and other interventions like massage homeopathy, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Acupuncture.

All these treatment’s main function is to calm and balance the body, it will bring no harm or any side effects to kids.

Human beings are unique and special that God created. We are born with feelings and emotions.

Traditional Chinese Medicine mentioned seven emotional states, seven effects of TCM theory and therapy. Namely: Joy, Anger, Anxiety, Thought. Grief, Fear and Fright seven relations.

The key word in TCM is balance”. Once our body is balanced, it will not go wrong. We are living in a stressful and demanding society. Children are pressurized each day, either in school or at home. Maybe they cannot cope with schoolwork, fearful of not being able to be the best or they are being bullied by schoolmates etc. Or some said that children’s emotions or feelings are hurt and neglected.

healthy self esteem examples

Lack of love to a child will lead to an inner sense of insecurity to an extent of having low self-esteem. Low self-esteem is an obstacle to having a healthy mind-set. Having healthy self-esteem is really important as it helps your child to make positive choices in the child’s everyday life, also gives the child courage to be his/her own person, having a good relationship will help the child to deal with difficult situations.

In TCM Acupuncture to treat anxiety in children usually seeking for points on the heart, liver, kidney and spleen meridians. According to the seven relations that link to the body.

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