What is Stress in TCM Theory

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How Stress Put Your Health At Risk?

It is inevitable that stress is part of our busy lifestyle. Everyone responds to stress in different ways. What causes people stress might differ from person to person, but symptoms and the damage are similar for everyone. Once stress overtakes what your body and mind can handle, stress starts causing major risk to your health, mood, productivity, relationships, and your quality of life. Prolonged stress causes  severe health conditions. Long term effects include a weakened immune system, disrupted menopause issues, digestive system, depression, insomnia or  fertility problems and many more.


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The Connection of Stress with Liver

In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, the liver is related to emotional wellness.  Stress, depression and anger can go hand in hand. There are many ways that can help with dealing with stress, such as meditation, yoga, prayer and acupuncture, to name a few.

As for women, the circulation of qi (energy) plays an important role in regulating the menstrual cycle. You may not realize how acute stress affects female hormones and leads to irregular periods in the long run. In this regard, assuming that the qi  is affected by work stress, all the qi turns into stagnant fire, women can easily become irritable and restless. I believe we all have the experience of being scolded by those moody or frustrated women. Now that you’ve already known the possible reason, do go easy with them.

Stress is a common word yet not a common issue we can neglect. Since it is impossible to cut out all the stress in our lives, we should learn to cope with it and keep stress under control.

How Acupuncture Deals with Stress?

As mentioned previously, when suffering from stress, the liver is the first organ to be affected. In TCM perspective, the liver and spleen are very closely related, any emotional disturbance caused by stress that affects the liver will indirectly affect the digestive system. You may notice that those who are having stress-eating disorder may probably suffer from gastric pain, acid reflux and bloating.

By inserting needles on acupoints where qi (energy) isn’t well circulated, acupuncture stimulates the circulation of qi and relaxes the symptoms. Acupuncture releases hormones in the body such as endorphins.

Based on case study, acupuncture can treat stress by controlling emotional fluctuations and balancing the body’s organ systems. Acupoints such as Zu San Li(足三里), Tai Chong(太冲), San Yin Jiao(三阴交) and ZhongWan (中脘) are frequently used to ensure the circulation of qi and also to improve digestion system. For those with an underlying condition of qi stagnation caused by chronic stress, Xiao Yao San (逍遥散) is the most commonly TCM formula used to soothe liver, strengthen spleen, as well as to regulate the blood and qi circulation of the whole body.

Stress is critical to our health, we wouldn’t even notice the damage caused until it ruins our life unsoundly.

This is why we have been taking stress disorder seriously. If you’re having the difficulty to cope with chronic stress, don’t hesitate to consult our physicians for immediate medical attention

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